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YOU & ME, BEHIND THE SCENES - release TBA from Afterglow

Lily Parker has always been a flight risk. First a runaway teen, then a runaway bride. Now she's landed in Chicago with a new name and ready for a new start as a woman without a past. She even has a new job as social media manager of a Mixed Martial Arts gym. New Lily runs Lake Michigan’s sand dunes, chases drinks with her bestie in her popular “Get Ready With Me” videos, and drops the filter when she gets real with her followers. But never too real. Some parts of her past are too painful—and dangerous—to share.  


Kieran Sullivan learned from a young age to roll with the punches. After retiring from the pro fighting circuit, he’s settled into a routine which includes coaching at his home gym, South Side MMA, and keeping his teen brother out of trouble and away from their abusive father. But when his boss hires a silly influencer to promote the gym and his team, Kieran finds himself facing an opponent he can’t match. Lily’s as determined as she is beautiful and no amount of evasion can save him from her camera lens. And somehow, she’s strong-armed him into doing a self-defense demonstration video with her.


The video goes viral and Hit It users are hooked on their on-screen chemistry, but their boss has a strict No Dating Coworkers policy. With each new video, the gym’s follower count increases and the tension between them builds until they agree to a situationship behind the scenes. But falling in love wasn’t part of the plan, and Kieran and Lily must find a way to reconcile their feelings with the fears from their past before their insecurities make them forfeit a love worth fighting for. 

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THE BLOOD RUNNER - coming April 2025 from City Owl Press

Horror is a staple of humanity. Journalist Evelyn Mills knows this. With the secrets of gangsters and brawlers scribbled in her notebook, she's acutely aware of how dangerous the world can be. But those whispers and rumors, traded over dark glasses in boisterous gin joints, are best left for the gossip columns. And Evelyn isn't a gossip column kind of woman—she's after the front page. Together with her brother Laurence, Evelyn boards a bootlegger's ship, intent on getting the inside scoop and blowing the operation wide open. But what they find staining the floor in the hold is far darker than rum. Captain Asher DuCarmont has a tenuous truce with the local vampires. He provides them with barrels of blood; they leave the locals and his family alone. When a delivery goes horribly wrong, Laurence is taken by the vampires, and Asher is forced into a deal with Evelyn: he returns her brother unharmed, or she exposes the supernatural to the world. Desperate to save her only sibling, Evelyn has no choice but to trust Asher as he leads her deeper into Michigan's forests and further away from a world that makes sense. As they protect each other time and again, the lines blur between liar and lover, and Evelyn begins questioning in which world she truly belongs.

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Ballet instructor Mila is overworked, underpaid, and hasn't had a day off in months—or a date for that matter. Her condoms? Almost expired. Her favorite toy? Fully charged. With the Christmas recital and bake sale looming, and her biggest helper having a baby, Mila’s drowning in responsibilities.


Tech expert Levi’s back home to help his sister with her preschooler and new baby. He runs into his old flame, Mila, and is happy to be her distraction—by relieving her burdens at work and between the sheets. 


When his life in the city calls, he’ll be forced to return home without the woman he’s always loved unless he finds a way to stay on her cast list when the curtain falls.

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