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Our Story

Rose and I met in high school, back when Snow Patrol's EYES OPEN album had just dropped and was ready to change lives everywhere. We began writing together as a way to expand our creativity as well as get out a lot of the tough feelings we had. After all, aren't both writing and reading a bit of an escape? 

We strive to incorporate realism into Romance, which is an escapist genre, but we both believe that everyone deserves a happily ever after. Whether someone is struggling with CPTSD or recovering from addiction, we're here to show that love is out there for everyone.

Now adults with husbands and kids, Rose is a high school English teacher and Erin is a stay at home mom. Both Rose and Erin use She/Her pronouns. Rose identifies as bisexual, and Erin is demisexual.

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(Rose the blonde; Erin the brunette)

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